nailed it. even as london tourists we were able to navigate every showroom, exhibition hall, and event for cdw along with some strategically located surprises. bold pink signage lead the way for the day.


products were combined to create large scale and bright statements throughout the city and inside the exhibition halls.


we had a lovely afternoon tea at vitra's secret garden where we were challenged to #findthefive of the iconic eames wire chair hidden around clerkenwell - (in the 1 of 3 days we attended, we spotted 3 - very sneaky). had a lovely pit stop at the gin garden, a pop up in collaboration with portal restaurant and bar. scratched off a ticket with a locker # on it from staverton with the possibility of finding an ipad - didn't mind the gummy treats as a consolation prize..



clerkenwell exhibited some of the newest materials, products, and designs in the industry whose thinking incorporate new and old technology and research. 



designers are hands on, we want to touch, play, and interact with the products and processes used to create them. we had fun looking at a filmstrip camera's to view the entire jacco maris lighting collection, used an old school print press and made a graphic card courtesy of harrington & squires - letter press printers & designers, and tested out the 3d doodler - overall endless opportunities for interaction and experimentation.



foil room, afternoon tea with vitra, treasure hunt, one day - 3 if your lucky - surrounded by beauty and innovators, need i say more...


I am definitely a lover of the snow and crisp winter air..... but halfway through March and I am still bundling up in winter gear - NOT COOL! (or perhaps, too cool). The dead, grey scenery of East Coast winters tend to drag on a little too long, and just when you get a taste of sunshine and start defrosting in mid 50 temps - BOOM - back to below 0, intense wind storms, and fast approaching April showers.

Needless to say I'm dreaming of a change of scenery.



the pop-up craze, that is.

and why not? pop-ups make sense. they re-create an otherwise unoccupied space and become an incubator for makers, doers, creators, artists, designers, and forward thinkers.

they provide an opportunity to see what fits, test out some new concepts, take a risk and connect with others doing the same. it is no longer a "for us, by us" mentality; pop-up's often invite the whole community to participate. 

they encourage interaction. interaction with people, products, ideas. they encourage connections. they encourage growth.

get with the trend.

many thanks to the awe inspiring and talented Danielle McKenrick for letting me steal some of her lovely shots from the end product of this weekends THREAD retail salon at Union Market - CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE PROCESS

mutiny DCmoore & giles . shockoe denim . hugh & crye . saint clair patrick mcdonough . mercado global . follain . elaine b. jewelry . faherty ernest alexander DeNada . gabriel mellan . david ibata



: the process of improving or developing something over a period of time 



1 suburban + 4 girls + 1 boyfriend + midnight departure + NYC


American Society of Interior Design hosted their second annual GoPRO event in NYC for emerging professionals in the design industry - and now that I am back on the east coast I had no excuse to miss it this year.

"New York is design, design, design once again" -Cindy Allen Interior Design Magazine  September 2013

So surrounded by inspiring people, places, and progressive thinkers we discussed topics like the art of digital fabrication and 3-D printing, public architecture's 1% movement, evidence-based design, trends in healthcare design, client engagement, and most importantly using knowledge to innovate - over drinks of course...




If skin is the bodies largest organ, why are we not taking the same precautions we are with what we are consuming? If you are what you eat; you are what you touch, and who wants to be propylene glycol, or aluminum zirconium [ingredients found in deodorants that are commonly linked to altzheimers and breast cancer.]

Follain [a gaelic word meaning healthy, wholesome, and sound] is making its debut in a beautiful 350 s.f. corner space in the South End of Boston. The space is fresh, airy, and full of natural light. With an industrial sink for experiencing products, refillable dispensers and soaps, a marble skincare bar for demonstrations and applications, and display pedestals to highlight products. The first brick and mortar store of its kind, Follain provides a refreshing skincare experience, full of all-natural alternatives. 

Tara - a recent Babson MBA grad is on a mission to spread awareness on the benefits of using all natural products. Her knowledge, passion, and flawless skin sold me immediately. With a broad price range you can kind find a healthy alternative for any of your daily products.





use a concept.


a little inspiration from a past project, The Nook, as I work through a new concept.

*The Nook: a hybrid healthcare clinic designed with teammates:  brittany timbreza & dawn ardito | senior studio


If you haven't heard, its officially spring! Don't be fooled by the threat of snow, low temperatures, or grey skies, summer is right around the corner and that brings a whole season full of color, beachy scenery, pools, rooftop parties, and of course fruity cocktails. In preparation I have put together a mini pin board of my favorite outdoor furniture pieces to be catching sun in this season. (one can dream) Check out my pinterest board for more furniture inspiration... start getting bikini ready because this year you have some competition.


STATE # 5.


bye. bye. maryland, so long so-cal, it is time for some city living. it is moving weekend {snow+superbowl weekend seemed ideal} and i am extremely excited to be moving into the nations capital along with the other 500,000 residents. its been about 3 months that i have been back on the east coast, and its been a bit of a change of pace, but im loving every minute of it, i snagged a sweet one bedroom, only because of this amazing coworker+friend catherine {blog here} who is off to "work for cheese" in the city of love, Paris. , and i am extremely excited to set up shop and stay put for at least a year...  here goes another adventure.